In addition to custom and OEM fabricating components to customer specifications we have our own products shown below.

Studio Series Rack Cabinets

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* Shown with optional accessories (see below).

The Studio Series rack cabinets by Northwest Precision Fabricators are designed for EIA standard 19" wide front panels. Beauty and functionality were the prime design criteria for those people who want something more elegant than a "Industrial" or "Road" cabinet. Standard cabinet features include modular construction with a sturdy frame made up of 11ga. (.115) and 14ga. (.074) steel. The 11 Ga. front mounting rails feature EIA standard hole spacing, with 10-32 tapped holes and are zinc plated. The top, bottom and sides are made of 18ga. steel and painted with durable textured polyurethane enamel. The front trim is black textured vinyl clad steel to resist scuffing and scratching when loading equipment. To further enhance the appearance real oak wood inlays appear on each side of the cabinet. Metal furniture glides are also standard equipment. An added bonus of the modular design is that it allows you to replace any part of the cabinet should it become damaged (replacement parts can be ordered directly from Northwest Precision Fabricators or an authorized dealer).

A complete accessory line is available including the following; Castors, Handles, Smoked Acrylic Door, Steel Door, Lock Kit for steel or acrylic doors, Light Kit, Support Angles for heavy equipment or used as shelf mounts, and Blank Rack Panels.

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